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Welcome to my space on the web and thanks for visiting. For those who do not know me, my name is Ambi and I have been hand knitting since I was a child. I suppose I got this from my mother who was a creative hand knitter and could create a knitting design by just looking at the hand made or manufactured garments. Since I work full time my knitting interest could not go very far due to lack of time. Remember the saying 'too much yarn and not enough time to knit'. My mother always encouraged me to be creative and wanted to buy a knitting machine for me. In 1992 after my mother passed away, my family purchased for me a Singer 700 Knitting Machine with a Ribber and all the possible accessories that can be used with that machine. Few store lessons on the machine were not enough and I did not know how to use the gadgets that were bought for the machine. Feeling guilty over the thought of waste of money if the machine is not used, I decided to take courses at Sheridan College and received a diploma for machine knitting, designing and drafting. I have also taken courses on the Brother Pattern Programming Device and enjoy designing with this computerized tool. With all the courses taken I now have a good knowledge of machine knitting both on Singer and Brother knitting machines. Adding to my Singer 700, I now own both electronic Singer and Brother knitting machines. Furthermore, I have contributed some of my designs to the "Knitwords" a Canadian machine knitting magazine.

Busy at a full time job, I do still find time to teach at seminars and am willing to teach and share my knitting knowledge at my knitting clubs. I guess that is because I love my hobby of knitting and am always ready for a challenge.

I am both Brother and Singer knitting machines dealer. We refurbished used Singer knitting machines. We also carry parts and accessories for these machines (new and used).

Feel free to browse this web site.  You will find knitting machines (new and used); yarn; books / magazines.  Now we have beads and more beads including hot fix crystals and rhinestones.